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About "I'm All IN" CD     *Go down page to hear songs

I'm All In, the debut CD of Shane Prather, was available September 08, 2006.   The CD features 12 tracks, all of which were written by Shane (11 sole ownership and one co-write). The song list is a diverse collection of tunes and ideas from rocking edge country tracks such as Uhh Huh and Boogie Man to more traditional country sounds featured on That'd Be Me and *Boozers, Losers, and Users. Shane's affinity for island music and Jimmy Buffett influence can be felt on All Night which has a taste of steel and conga drums . Shane pays tribute to a cousin who passed away too soon in **Last Ride in a 4 wheel Drive. Favoite Things is a honky tonkin' love story of a country rebel who is blind-sided by love out on the dance floor. Shane tells the tale of the shy kid who finds the courage to go for what he thinks he can't in One Shot. The  acoustic version of Boogie Man features the fingerpicking of Nashville aces Bryan Sutton, Larry Franklin and Steve Hinson. Shane takes a moment to get laid-back on the love song Love is a Gamble (I'm All In), a groovy piece of work that feels like a bit of Dwight Yoakum and Tom Petty rolled into one. In the power ballad I Dream Shane includes the beautiful harmonies of Lona Heins on a tale of a love that is just out of reach. The CD continues rockin' to the end on Last Call.

*BLUs boys (Boozers, Losers, and Users) actually was an acronym coined by moma June back in the day.  This song was written about people who hung (or hang) with people that their parents didn't approve of while growing up

**Last Ride was inspired by the life of my cousin Jeffrey Prather, from Brookhaven, Mississippi, who died at the age of 36.

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Love is a Gamble (I'm All In)